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I'm Bibiana,

a Freelance Senior User Experience Consultant with 10+ years of experience and a strong background in Human-Centred Design.

Based in Hamburg I am creating experiences for web, apps and connected physical products. Besides I also conduct UX-training.

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What I do

Working on and leading projects in national and international teams, I can help your team to develop or optimize digital services and products that solve your user's problems while appreciating the commercial aspects of your business.

My areas of expertise are...

UX Strategy

Value your customer's lifecycle

Identifying new product ideas, defining a bigger product picture or optimizing touchpoints along your customer journey - I am comfortably working at the intersection between teams and stakeholder.

UX & UI Design

It's about storytelling

Creating journeys, flows, wireframes, prototypes, etc. I am experienced in building information architectures and like to immerse myself into complex structures. Currently I am learning about accessibility guidelines.

UX Research

Driven by insights

From recruitment to the final presentation, I conduct qulitative research at any project stage and with any product artefact. E.g. explorative interviews, RITE, usability testing or focus groups, diaries or in-homes.

How I work


Selected works


ZEISS Digital Design System

ZEISS' website structure differed wildly between 13 industries in 38 countries. We created a scalable and accessible Design System, introduced regular research sessions and established the internal design department as a consulting partner rather than a service provider. 

My role: UX Lead | Duration: 2 years | Client: ZEISS SE

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Relaunch Techniker Krankenkasse

The website of Germany's biggest health insurance turned into a health partner offering extensive digital services and shorter communication paths. As most visitors come with specific requests, it's about finding an answer quickly and getting suitable services right in context and optimized for any device.

My role: UX Design & Information Architecture | Duration: 2 years | Client: SYZYGY AG

Privacy at XING

XING, the largest professional social network in the German-speaking area makes its handling and attitude towards data privacy transparent with a dedicated website, a so-called 'privacy hub'. It explains most relevant network settings and provides a well-structured and clear privacy policy. 

My role: Lead UX Strategy, Design, Research | Duration: 6 months | Client: XING SE

→ Detailed case description

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Ideal customer journey at Cinestar

Goal of the project was to identify opportunities to make cinema more attractive for younger audiences. To do so I created personas out of a diary study and phone interviews, derived their individual customer journeys and conducted co-creation-workshops with stakeholders and cinema visitors the reveal potentials for optimizations on any on- and offline touchpoint.

My role: Project Lead, UX Strategy, Research | Duration: 4 months | Client: SirValuse GmbH


In-Car interface

Starting with an extensive in-car research the project aimed at defining guidelines for the ideal human-machine-interface. They were accompanied by a prototype as a proof-of-concept that was tested in a driving simulator.

My role: Competitor Car Research, UX Design, Prototyping | Duration: 6 months | Client: GfK

→ Detailed case coming soon


Qualitative research

I conducted differents kinds of qualitative primary and secondary research - from in-depth interviews to testing with paper prototypes to high-fidelity wireframes to card sortings.

→ Detailed case coming soon

Creative workshops

I supported projects at different stages with planning, preparing and moderating various workshop formats, such as Kick-offs, Stakeholder-Meetings, Design Thinking-, Strategy-, Ideation- or Co-Creation-Workshops.

I've also worked for...



BMW Motorrad




Credit Suisse





Deutsche Bahn



I have worked for industries like Healthcare, Medical, Automotive, Finance, Social Networks and Travel. In addition to my project-based work, I teach classes at the Experience Design Institute.

Let's get in contact

Bibiana Meya
Phone: +49 176 326 20 251
Email: info@bibianameya.de